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Child Care

It seems that most of the population of the student parents have concerns about child care and child care services.  There are various policy changes that many of us are unaware of. Students who were getting food stamps used to be able to receive child care, but policy change has made it so that that very aspect is impossible. To our dismay, that isn’t the only policy that are undergoing changes. What are the initiatives? Do they want us to drop out of school because we can’t afford child care? Day by day, the policy changes make it harder and harder for the lower class citizens and even middle class citizens of Pennsylvania to even survive, are we still going to put with this and how long? We need to do something, but what?


About psustudentparents

PSU Student Parents Association is a network building organization located on the Penn State University Abington Campus. SPA is known for its semi annual Baby Shower that it offers to students who are pregnant. It has unique website on PSU database and outside that provide parents with resources from child care programs to counseling and food resources. Student Parents identifies the number of on campus parents and ask for community awareness and sensitivity. It also invites you to appreciate your own parents through its events and ceremonies. Most events prepare students for college life or parenting or both. We are advocates for students with children helping one family at a time.

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